Third Riddick movie being “sketched”

The Pitch Black helmer discusses plans for a new Riddick movie

phjvdmljgah2nlDirector David Twohy has recently announced that he is planning a third Riddick movie. Speaking to Bloody Disgusting, the director described how he and star Vin Diesel were both pooling their resources in bringing this project to life:

“I’ve sketched out two ideas for continuing Riddick, one of which Vin and I have settled in on,” said Twohy before going into a little more detail. “At the studio level, it would have to be a PG-13 movie again and we don’t want to do that again. We want an R, so we are looking at the possibility of setting it up as an independent movie and selling it territory by territory and thereby keeping an ownership stake in the movie. But we’re trying to see what that would yield in this unsafe market…”

Provided Twohy and Diesel get this Riddick feature properly mapped out and backed by a studio, the director saw no reason why this feature couldn’t go into a swift production:

“It could be my next movie. I know Vin’s going to slide in XXX first. He’s doing a sequel to that the first of the year. So the soonest we could launch would be sometime next year.”

SciFiNow will bring you more news on this project as and when further developments occur.