The X-Files Season 11 writers have been confirmed

Some familiar faces and a couple of new ones have been set to write new X-Files

Now that Fox has finally confirmed that The X-Files Season 11 is definitely happening and that everyone’s schedules have been worked out, Chris Carter has assembled the team of writers for the 10 episode season. Mostly it’s the people you’d expect but there are a couple of additions.

TV Line reports that veteran X-Files writers Glen Morgan, James Wong and Darin Morgan will be back following their return for the revival series. Wong wrote and directed ‘Founders Mutation’, Glen Morgan gave us ‘Home Again’, and Darin Morgan delivered the season’s high-point ‘Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster.’ Their presence is definitely reassuring, and we would have been particularly upset if the great Darin Morgan hadn’t come back.

The new voices are Gabe Rotter, who was a writer’s assistant on Season 9, Benjamin Van Allen, who was a writers assistant on Season 10, and Brad Follmer, who was “Carter’s personal assistant during Season 8 and 9, and not to be confused with the character Brad Follmer, played by Cary Elwes in Season 9.”) No indeed. No one liked that guy.

TV Line also notes that Chris Carter is expected to write at least the opening and closing episodes, and that the long-hoped-for return of Frank Spotnitz and Vince Gilligan has not happened. The new season will begin shooting this summer and will air in early 2018, presumably resolving that bloody great big cliffhanger Season 10 left us all on.

The announcement of an all-male writers’ room has been met with a good deal of criticism. As IndieWire notes, “That’s right: In the year 2017, a major broadcast drama is going with an all-male writers’ room.” While the revival series went exclusively with franchise veterans, this expanded run has opened up to new voices, and none of those new voices are women.

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