The Wolverine’s Hugh Jackman offered 4 more X-Men movies

X-Force could star Wolverine as Hugh Jackman is offered 4 more “X-Men related” movies

Hugh Jackman as Logan in The Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Logan in The Wolverine

The Wolverine star Hugh Jackman may be coy on whether he’d reprise the role of Wolverine after X-Men: Days Of Future Past – that’s an incredible 7 appearances as the mutton-chopped mutant he’s racked up now – but according to the National Enquirer, he’s going to be making that decision pretty soon.

The site reports that Jackman has been offered $100 million to reprise the role of Wolverine in 4 more “X-Men related” movies. 20th Century Fox could be hoping to include the character Jeff Wadlow’s X-Force – the director has already hinted a cherrypicking of the different comic-book incarnations.

“Hugh has a big decision to make. It’s not every day an actor gets offered this kind of paycheque, but Hugh vowed never to lock himself into any multi-picture deals after X-Men,” the source is quoted as saying.

“He hasn’t given any kind of answer yet, so at least he’s considering it.”

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