The weirdest comic crossovers

So… let’s get this straight… you want to do a miniseries focusing on Polly Pocket, and the Punisher?

X Files fans have had something of a muted surprise this week, with the news that their beloved story will be returning, albeit as a comic book crossover with 30 Days Of Night. No, really, Sci Fi Wire has the story here. It’ll be co-written by 30DN creator Steve Niles, and the singer from Tool. Again, really.

Mind you, if there’s one thing that comic books are famous for (aside from never really killing anyone) it’s peculiar path-crossing between apparently disparate franchises. Here are some of our favourites.

XMenTrek-thumb-300x455-10649X-Men/Star Trek

Most of us on the team have haunting memories of this cover, and yet, none of us can remember exactly how the mutants of Professor Xavier’s academy managed to get on board the Enterprise. Regardless, it was popular enough to spawn further adventures.line_divider

ArchiePunisherThe Punisher/Archie



AvPvtTAlien versus Predator versus The Terminator

When two simply aren’t enough, add in another franchise for shits and giggles. Nothing much about the plot of this comic made sense, other than Skynet trying to take over everything, but then again, previous pairings of the Predator and Alien franchises in other media have hardly been auspicious. line_divider

6546new_storyimage1430410_fullSpider-Man/Barack Obama

It seems that the slavish jingoism inspired by Barack Obama’s inauguration touched everything, even the world of comic books. This issue in particular has actually gone back for a fourth print variant run, proving that nothing’s really a limited edition either, given enough interest and commercial potential.line_divider

AvengersLettermanThe Avengers/David Letterman

We know that pop culture eventually meets art, but Letterman? Good grief.