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The Walking Dead videogame available for PS3

The Walking Dead prequel videogame is available from 25 April 2012 for PS3, discover what Glenn got up to before he met RIck Grimes at the start of Season 1

The Walking Dead videogame

The Walking Dead videogame
Lee Everett and Glenn hold back The Walking Dead in the new PS3 game

Set before The Walking Dead comic-book and hit AMC TV show begins, The Walking Dead game explains what happened to Glenn prior to him arriving in Atlanta and encountering Rick Grimes in episode/issue one.

“If you’ve never played a game from Telltale before,” explained Telltale Games’ Jake Rodkin on the PlayStation blog, “you should know that we don’t make open-world shooters; that’s not our thing.

“While we love and admire games like that, we come from an adventure game background where storytelling and sympathetic characters are the most important thing. It’s for these reasons that Robert Kirkman chose us to make a game based on The Walking Dead.

“Robert (and Telltale) wanted to use the videogame medium to focus on the characters and the emotions of The Walking Dead universe, allowing players to experience the horror and tension of the walker-infested world. It’s a much more personal experience than many other zombie-based games have offered.

“Taking down a gigantic zombie horde with ridiculous firepower is not what The Walking Dead is about. In fact, we want you to be repulsed by the true horror of killing a walker. The zombies in our game are not just fleshy targets for your high-powered weapon, and you might be forced to finish someone who was a friend or a relative before they turned.

“On top of that, resources in our world are limited and noise attracts the wrong kind of attention, so you’ll have to get up close and use hand tools and weapons. We want people who think they’re desensitized to zombie violence to find that, in truth, they’re not.”

A prequel to the comic-book, and not the show, you play as Lee Everett, a man imprisoned for killing his wife’s lover and the story unfolds episodically, with each of the five episodes costing  €4.99/£3.99 on the PlayStation Store, or €19.99/£15.99 for all five episodes.