The Walking Dead Season 3 Part 2: Will Maggie get a haircut?

The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan on Maggie and Glenn, and whether she’s getting that haircut

The Walking Dead Season 3 Maggie
The Walking Dead Season 3 Maggie
Stephen Yuen as Glenn and Lauren Cohan as Maggie in The Walking Dead Season 3

The Walking Dead has no shortage of relationships of conveniance or emotional necessity, but for Glenn Rhee (Stephen Yuen) and Maggie Greene (Laura Cohan) in Season 3, there’s is very much a tragic old school romance – their love clearly pushed to its limits in ‘When The Dead Come Knocking’. Lauren Cohan spoke exclusively to SciFiNow about what to expect in Season 3 Part 2…

“It’s going to go through the journey that young couple’s usually would,” she explains, “but it’s going to be a young couple that has to get mature very quick, because of the context.

“You see them held against each other sometimes in scary situations, and how their love for each other can be used against them. You definitely see a couple that still seems pretty star-crossed, and scared for a couple that’s gained something – gained a love from a pretty disastrous world.”

Admittedly it’s not up there with the haunted phone, but all true comic-book fans have been dying to know… does Maggie get a haircut in The Walking Dead Season 3 Part 2?

“I’ve asked the question too,” laughs Cohan, “and we haven’t gone there yet. But who’s to say what will happen? I’m definitely game!

The Walking Dead Season 3 will return to Fox in February 2013. The Walking Season 2 is available on DVD priced £24.99 and Blu-ray priced £27.99 from