The Walking Dead Season 3 Part 2 is “an intense ride”

The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan on why nobody is safe in Season 3 Part 2

The Walking Dead Season 3 Maggie interview
The Walking Dead Season 3 Maggie interview
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene in The Walking Dead Season 3

What we’ve seen of The Walking Dead Season 3 so far should have hopefully silence those dullards who bleated on and on about how slow Season 2 was, and according to Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene, that’s only going to continue when the show returns in February.

“Definitely!” Cohan told SciFiNow in an exclusive interview. “Season 3 already has broken all the cable records in the United States, and only continues to intensify into the season. Some of the stuff that’s happening is going to make television history – I’m not being funny, to read a lot of it, it gave me a visceral reaction. I can only say that it’s going to be an intense ride for the viewers.”

Asked what viewers should look out for in the second half of Season 3, she teased, “You’re just never safe, you’re just never safe.

“I think [you should] really look to get to the dark in everybody’s hearts…”

The Walking Dead Season 3 will return to Fox in February 2013. The Walking Season 2 is available on DVD priced £24.99 and Blu-ray priced £27.99 from