The Walking Dead “has a lot of stories left to tell”

Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz on Abraham’s future and that love triangle

How does The Walking Dead differ to anything else you’ve done?
In so many ways. The work is the work. Everyone hopes for good material, it all starts from the script. What you do not have control over is what happens once you do it and this show is at a whole other level. I’ve been fortunate enough to involved with well done projects; Band Of Brothers, Southland, critically acclaimed stuff I’m really proud of and had intense fan bases. This level of intensity from mature people. It’s not Buffy The Vampire Slayer, where there’s lots of screaming girls. This is adults and families. I’ve had grown women break down in tears when they see these characters!

It’s the characters that people connect with. Zombies and the apocalypse are all around them, but it’s the characters that people latch on to. That must be great material?
Yeah, it’s all story and character when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it. Shows fall apart when they start to lose character stuff, that’s why I’ve always appreciated what they do in Europe. They’ll do a series, and if it does really well, there are no plans to do the next one until they know if it can be done well. They have something to say, it’s not like this 22-episode machine like in the USA. When a character’s story is told, they get killed! It’s a great way to cycle through characters and get a new perspective and new stories. This show is constantly renewing itself and staying fresh. As much as we hate to see these characters go, we love to see the new characters come in. I think the show has a lot of years left in it as there’s a lot of stories left to tell.

What about Sasha and Abraham? Is there love in the air?
There’s always love in the air. We’re going to find out if it’s different from Rosita. Why would he choose to leave a strong sexy woman for another? Or does he have to choose one other another? I think it’s very clear that Abraham has come back from being on a knife edge. That episode on the bridge, he could have shot the walker, but he chose to drop his weapons and face death. That helped him disengage with that.

What are Abraham’s views on the group’s hierarchy?
I think he made it pretty clear in that speech at the end of the last season what he thinks about Rick. That’s why they clashed in the church because he knew everything Rick was saying made sense about staying and resupplying, but every time he didn’t trust his own instincts up until then shit had gone horribly wrong. He was more conflicted at himself than the group as he knew he had found something that was unlike anything he’s been with before.

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