The Sci-Fi coalition cabinet

The heroes and villains of our SF hung parliament.

9Secretary Of State For Work And Pensions

The Rt Hon Last Knight Of The First Crusade MP

Being stuck in a dead end job, seemingly for eternity, until some uppity younger man comes along and usurps you is a familiar story to many of us in modern Western society. For the poor Knight though, his job literally is eternal.

xmen3pubbSecretary Of State For Energy And Climate Change

The Rt Hon Ororo Iqadi T’Challa MP

Rising sea levels? No problem. Global warming? Schmobal warming. Storm will sort it out. She can control the weather, after all.

ruby-slippers-wizard-of-ozSecretary Of State For Transport

The Rt Hon Dorothy MP

She might only be able to go to one place, and she does have the unfortunate habit of dropping houses on random citizens, but Dorothy knows how to Get Things Done.