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The Returned remake first look is “distinctively different”

First look at A&E’s remake of The Returned, producers promise a different show

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The cast and crew of A&E’s upcoming remake of acclaimed French supernatural drama The Returned appeared at the TCA’s to explain how their take on the show would differ.

IGN reports that producer Carlton Cuse promised that The Returned US would be “distinctively different.”

“The starting point is similar. I think the same is true of The Office. I think, over time, our show becomes quite different, particularly around Episode 6. The French show became very genre incident-heavy at the end of its eight episodes, and we kind of take a different turn at that point. So I think, while we start in a similar place, the show is fairly distinctively different by the end of its first season.”

Fellow writer/producer Raelle Tucker also stressed that they would honour the original. “To adapt something, you have to really be a huge fan of it to begin with,” she explained. “And I think coming into this, obviously, we wouldn’t sign onto something that we weren’t deeply in love with as well. We didn’t feel that we needed to force changes. What we felt is, by adding our own voices and our own experiences to this really incredible world and these wonderful characters, that it would organically transform into something new. And so it’s not a competition between that show and this one, but, really, a way to honor it and make something our own.”

The French series certainly made a big impression on genre fans and we’re eagerly anticipating a second season. The cast for the US remake is very strong, including Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jeremy Sisto, Mark Pellegrino, India Ennenga, Agnes Brucker, Aaron Douglas and Sandrine Holt. We’re keen to see if it measure up.

The Returned will air on A&E later this year. Keep up with the latest genre TV news with the new issue of SciFiNow.