The Purge TV series will launch Blumhouse’s TV studio

Jason Blum takes Purge Night to television to launch his new TV venture

Jason Blum’s Blumhouse production company is one of the most prolific in the business, and he’s not content with dominating the multiplexes.

THR reports that Jason Blum has launched an independent TV studio, and it’s leading with an adaptation of one of its most profitable titles: The Purge.

A series based on the increasingly political three-movie “all crime is legal for one night” franchise has been in development since last year, and it’s been set up with TV networks USA and Syfy. Writer-director James DeMonaco will oversee the series, and “a writers room has already opened.”

The Purge is accompanied by the limited drama series Secure And Hold: The Last Days Of Roger Ailes, which comes from Spotlight’s Tom McCarthy and has been set up at Showtime.

Blum said that “Over the past few years, we have been working to build Blumhouse Television into an independent studio so we can have the autonomy to work with the best storytellers and give them freedom to create the best dark genre programming. It is a dream that day is here. Julian [Bellamy] and his team at ITV are remarkable partners and we can’t wait to kick things off with The Purge and Secure And Hold. We are excited that with the launch of this new studio, we are expanding our partnership with NBCUniversal by growing The Purge franchise into a television series and are grateful for their incredible support of Blumhouse overall.”

Meanwhile, a fourth film in The Purge franchise is set for release in 2018, most fittingly on 4 July. DeMonaco is stepping away from directing duties for the first time but he’s writing the script and will be actively involved. There’s no word on whether Frank Grillo’s Leo Barnes will be back for another round…

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