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The new Red Riding Hood

Or, who could play the classic part in Hardwicke’s adaptation.

jennifers_body_xl_02-film-a1Warner Bros. has reportedly tapped Jennifer’s Body star Amanda Seyfried for the lead role in the upcoming adaptation of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The film, currently slated to be helmed by Twilight’s Catherine Hardwicke, is ostensibly an adaptation of the classic yarn, but with the association of that director’s previous work and the current popularity of paranormal romance, it seems likely that Warner is looking to capitalise on the success of Stephenie Meyer’s preternaturally popular property.

Seyfried could potentially be a good fit for the film, the script of which has apparently been receiving approving nods in Hollywood of late. Warner has to act quickly to secure a leading lady, however, as the holding deal with Hardwicke is a finite one.

Of course, as Seyfried isn’t a done deal yet, we have a few suggestions of our own as to who could conceivably do a good job.

The Lovely Bones movie image Saoirse Ronan (1)Saoirse Ronan

Having impressed in both City Of Ember and last year’s The Lovely Bones, Ronan has been making a name for herself in big-feature cinema of late. If the script follows the story, she’s about the right age on screen for the part as well.

PUSH_DakotaFanning_CassieHolmes-thumb-500x361-12137Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning is surely destined for great things, as the versatility and range of her performances aptly demonstrate. She was easily one of the best things in New Moon as well as Push, and we’d be happy to see her taking on a meatier role.

halloween-ii-scout-taylor-comptonScout Taylor-Compton

Alright, Halloween II was a bit shoddy, but Taylor-Compton gave a decent enough performance given the very limited role that she was presented with. Interestingly, she’s actually appearing with Fanning and Kristen Stewart in The Runaways.

danielle-panabakerDanielle Panabaker

From utterly mediocre Disney shows to a few more high profile roles in Friday The 13th and more recently, The Crazies, Panabaker is still waiting for a big part that the Little Red Riding Hood adaptation could give her.

jennifers-body-amanda-seyfried_0Amanda Seyfried

Of course, Seyfried is the most likely person on this list to get the part, as The LA Times has run a piece on it already. We’re mixed on this – she was okay in Jennifer’s Body, but we’d wait and see with her in this film.