The Mummy remake loses director Andy Muschietti

Mama director Andy Muschietti leaves The Mummy reboot as it moves away from horror

The MummyUniversal’s upcoming modern-day reboot of The Mummy is looking for a new director as Andy Muschietti has left the project.

The Wrap reports that Muschietti and Universal parted ways over “creative differences,” which seems to translate as the Mama director wanting to make a horror film, while the new version of The Mummy seems to be leaning towards a family blockbuster.

“Muschietti wanted to deliver a darker take rather than the four-quadrant, more family-friendly action-adventure blockbuster that Universal now has in mind.”

The reboot is written by Jon Spaihts (Prometheus), with genre fixtures Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman producing.

The Wrap also points out that Muschietti left the film adaptation of Josh Malerman’s novel Bird Box to take the job on The Mummy; it’s unclear whether or not he’ll return to it.

The Mummy is set for a 22 April 2016 release. You can buy Hammer’s The Mummy on Blu-ray + DVD for £20.26 at