The many projects of Tim Burton

Someone’s a very busy chap…

Normally, most of the ‘how-many-clones-does-he-actually-have’ jokes are reserved for Guillermo del Toro, who has so many projects on his slate that he’ll be about 243 by the time he finishes them all. Another one edging closer to the point of absurdity, however, is Tim Burton.

With Alice In Wonderland wrapped and currently showing in cinemas, Burton has more than a few titles in the pipeline. Indeed, as Deadline reports, he’s also looking to design the aesthetics for a stop-motion reboot of The Addams Family. With everything else though, will he have time? Let’s take a look.


Burton is working full-throttle on a feature length adaptation of his original short. Frankenweenie ended up being his breakthrough effort, and many fans are looking forward to seeing it brought back, over 25 years later.

ds-721719Dark Shadows

The Sixties vampire show will be receiving the Burton treatment as well. John August will be writing the script, with John Lithgow in the lead role. Only joking, of course it’s going to be Johnny Depp, who originally persuaded Burton to direct.

Picture 3Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel has made waves in genre circles, but it’s surprising that it had such a ridiculously swift pick-up from Hollywood. Burton is signed on to produce this adaptation alongside Timur Bekmambetov, whom he previously worked with on 9.


Burton will direct a film based on the iconic Disney villain. For the uninitiated, Maleficent is the stand-in for the evil godmother trope, but has evolved to be one of the most sinister antagonists in the Mouse House’s arsenal, crossing various franchises from her appearance in Sleeping Beauty.

TheAddamsFamily01The Addams Family

This well-loved classic of television and film will also be revisited by Burton in a stop-motion sense. With everything else, it’s hard to think how he can devote the time to designing it, but it is a perfect project to demonstrate that Burton is indeed at risk of becoming a caricature of himself.