The Librarians cancelled by TNT but there might still be hope

TNT has cancelled The Librarians but it could still find a new home elsewhere

It’s sad news for fans of The Librarians as network TNT has gone and cancelled it after four seasons. However, all hope may not be lost just yet.

Showrunner Dean Devlin took to Twitter to announce the news, but with it promised to try to find a new home for the show, writing, “Just got the official call. TNT has cancelled The Librarians – I will immediately begin the process of trying to move the show elsewhere. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!”

It looks as though Devlin wants that new home to be a streaming services, going by his currently pinned tweet:

The Librarians was developed by John Rogers and first aired on TNT in December 2014. A spin-off of the made-for-TV Librarian film series, it stars Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Harlan Kim and John Larroquette, with recurring appearances from the films’ star Noah Wyle, reprising his role of Flnn Carsen.

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