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The Invitation’s Karyn Kusama to direct Chase Novak’s horror Breed

The team behind The Invitation reunite for horror movie Breed

We’re big fans of director Karyn Kusama, the woman who gave us the brilliantly tense The Invitation, the massively underrated Jennifer’s Body, and the not-genre-but-still-great Girlfight. So we’re thrilled to hear that she’s reteaming with her Invitation writers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi for a new horror film.

Variety reports that Hay and Manfredi are writing and producing an adaptation of Chase Novak’s horror novel Breed, which Kusama will direct. It’s the story of “a wealthy New York couple who turns to a controversial Eastern European fertility clinic to conceive when all conventional methods fail. Ten years later, the nightmarish side effects of the procedure begin to manifest.”

It’s also being produced by veteran screenwriter Scott Frank, which we’re taking as another exciting stamp of approval given that he wrote Get Shorty, Minority Report and The Lookout.

Logan Marshall-Green in The Invitation
Logan Marshall-Green in The Invitation

We loved The Invitation, which starred Logan Marshall-Green as a man who goes to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife and gradually convinced that something is very, very wrong. It also helped put Kusama back on the map, after the financial disappointment of the totally mismarketed Jennifer’s Body. Since then, she’s directed episodes of The Man In The High Castle, Halt And Catch Fire and Billions, and she’s currently working on horror anthology XX, which is being entirely directed by women.

Here’s the Amazon plot synopsis for Breed:

“Alex and Leslie Twisden told each other they would do anything to have children. The price didn’t matter. But the experimental procedure they found had costs they couldn’t foresee.

Adam and Alice Twisden’s lives seem perfectly normal. Except that, every night, without fail, their parents lock them into their rooms.

And the twins know that the sounds they can hear are not just their imagination. They’re real. And they’re getting louder…

From a new name in horror, Breed is a stunning thriller in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby, brilliantly written, daring, and unforgettable.”


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