The Innkeepers scary new exclusive clip

An SciFiNow exclusive video from Ti West’s new supernatural horror movie The Innkeepers, which is in cinemas from 8 June 2012. Turn down the lights and turn up the sound for maximum horror!

The Innkeepers new clip

The Innkeepers new clip
Sara Paxton and Pat Healy star in Ti West's The Innkeepers

Ti West’s feverishly anticipated new supernatural horror flick The Innkeepers – praised by genre stalwart Eli Roth as “One of the best, smartest and scariest indie horror films that I’ve seen in a long time!” – is in cinemas from 8 June 2012, and we’ve got an exclusive new clip to show off just how scary it is.

Turn the lights down, and check it out:

The Innkeepers exclusive new clip