The Greasy Strangler new poster is a family portrait

A new poster for the brilliantly disgusting The Greasy Stranger makes its mark


The new poster for Jim Hosking’s fantastically gross, and also fantastic, horror comedy The Greasy Strangler has come sliming in, although we have to say, it’s pretty tasteful.

The “Los Angeles–set tale follows Big Ronnie, a man who runs a disco walking tour along with his browbeaten son, Brayden. When a sexy, alluring woman named Janet comes to take the tour, it begins a competition between father and son for her attentions. It also brings about the appearance of an oily, slimy, inhuman maniac who stalks the streets at night and strangles the innocent—soon dubbed “the Greasy Strangler.””

We caught the movie at Sundance London and absolutely loved it (read our review here) but it is definitely worth noting that this might be the most acquired taste you’ll see this year. It’s totally disgusting and filthy, but it’s also absolutely hilarious.

The Greasy Strangler stars Michael St. Michaels, Sky Elobar, and Elizabeth De Razzo and is directed by Jim Hosking, who wrote the script with Toby Harvard. The producers include Ben Wheatley and Elijah Wood.

The Greasy Strangler is released in the UK on 7 October. Keep up with the latest horror news with the new issue of SciFiNow.