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The Flash TV show casts DC’s man of steel (sort of)

The Flash Episode 7 spoilers: new supervillain cast for The CW’s Arrow spin-off

Girder as he appears in DC Comics
Girder as he appears in DC Comics

The CW’s The Flash has added another classic DC supervillain to its already engorged line-up of comic-book foes.

Star-Crossed‘s Greg Finley has been cast as Tony Woodward aka Girder, and is set to appear in Episode 6 and 7 of the Arrow spin-off.

Girder was created by writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan van Sciver in 2001 The Flash: Iron Heights one-shot.

Greg Finley as Drake in Star-Crossed
Greg Finley as Drake in Star-Crossed

In the comics, Woodward is a construction worker who is thrown into a vault of molten metal after he assaults a female co-worker. Unfortunately, some of the metal is from a bundle of STAR Labs experiments, and he gains a body of iron and the super-strength to match.

The show’s version of Girder will be born in the explosion at STAR Labs, where Woodward discovers he has the ability to transform his skin into living metal, and goes on a crime spree across Central City.

To make things especially resonant for Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen, this version of Woodward bullied Allen when they were kids.

The Flash will debut 7 October 2014 on The CW in the US. Find out more about the comics that inspired the show with new digital magazine Uncanny Comics