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The Flash TV show adds explosive new supervillain

The Flash Episode 5 spoilers: Which DC Comics character is Kelly Frye playing?

Kelly Frye in Fox's Rake
Kelly Frye in Fox’s Rake

According to E-Online, Rake and The Mentalist‘s Kelly Frye has joined the cast of The CW’s The Flash as Bette Sans Souci, aka Plastique.

Set to appear in The Flash Episode 5, the site describes the character as  “a bomb disposal expert in Iraq who, following exposure to the energy released by the STAR Labs meltdown, Bette now has the ability to turn any object she touches into an explosive device.

“On the run from the shadow forces in the US government trying to turn her into a human weapon, she finds an ally in fellow meta-human The Flash.”

Plastique as she appears in DC Comics
Plastique as she appears in DC Comics

Another win for Gerry Conway, who is becoming the quiet hero behind The Flash and Arrow, having created Vibe, Felicity Smoak, Killer Frost, Count Vertifo and Firestorm, Plastique first appeared in Fury Of Firestorm #7 (December 1982), by Conway and artist Pat Broderick.

Originally a Quebecois separatist whose suicide bomb attempt was thwarted by Firestorm, Plastique later gained her explosive powers through genetic engineering.

After being captured by Captain Atom (the guy who inspired Watchmen‘s Doctor Manhatten), cutting her terrorist career short, Plastique is press-ganged into the Suicide Squad and later joins Justice League knockoff Extreme Justice.

Briefly engaged to Captain Atom, Plastique has been more often found skirting the line between hero and villain as a mercenary, but in the New 52 she’s been shown less ambiguously as a supervillain.
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