The Flash TV series 12 easter eggs from the trailer

12 best DC Comics references you may have missed from The CW’s Flash trailer

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1. Reverse-Flash

Geeks freaked out the second they saw the sinister yellow blur of the Reverse-Flash and the reveal later in the trailer of police detective Eddie Thawne. This looks like elements of two comic-book incarnations of the Reverse-Flash – the second, Eobard Thawne, aka Professor Zoom, and the third, Hunter Zolomon, aka Zoom, a police profiler.

Both of them are time travellers and his debut here – wearing a yellow version of the outfit Barry later wears – could suggest he becomes Zoom later on the season, before hurtling backwards through time to cause all sorts of mischief.

That’d be a hell of a finale, wouldn’t it?

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2. Tragic Back story

Barry Allen’s parents were never a significant part of Flash lore, but 2010 miniseries The Flash: Rebirth by writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver, Zoom reveals that he’s been responsible for all the terrible things to happen in Barry’s life – including the murder of his mother and the framing of his father. Johns serves as both writer and executive producer on the series.

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3. Central City PD

FOX’s Gotham clearly doesn’t have the monopoly on an expanded cast of comic-book cops. Although mentor Joe West is an original character, David Singh and Fred Chyre are both characters from the comic.

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4. Iris West

In the comic, reporter Iris West becomes the wife of Barry Allen and the matriarch of a whole dynastic – the third Flash, Wally West, is her nephew and the fourth Flash (first Impulse and second Kid Flash) Bart Allen is her grandson. She’s got more to fear from Zoom than most, as in the comic the Reverse-Flash is responsible for her death.

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5. Vibe and Killer Frost

Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow are introduced as the John Diggle/Felicity Smoak-style support team for Barry Allen, but both could become metahumans. In the comics, Ramon is the vibrating superhero Vibe, while Snow is the sub-zero supervillain Killer Frost. With Snow starting out as one of Flash’s allies, it’ll be interesting to see how she makes the transition.

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6. Crime Tailor

Gambi Cleaners, spotted in one scene, is a sly little reference to comic-book villain enabler Paul Gambi. Known as the Crime Tailor, Gambi creates costumes for all of the Rogues and has been active in the comics since the Sixties.

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7. Ferris Air

Barry and chums rock up to a Ferris Air test field. Ferris Air is the employer of test pilot turned space cop Hal Jordan and owned by Carol Ferris, last seen in the dreadful Green Lantern.

Incidentally, Green Lantern was co-written by The Flash and Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti, so that the airfield looks a touch run-down could be a tribute to the franchise non-starter.

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8. STAR Labs

Barry comes around in STAR Labs after his speed-induced misadventure. Long associated with the Superman universe, STAR Labs also appeared in Man Of Steel and is connected to the origin of future Justice League member Cyborg in the clunkily titled Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

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9. Weather Wizard

Classic Flash Rogue Weather Wizard, real name Mark Mardon, gets a low-key makeover (and a new first name – Clyde) but keeps his blockbuster power set – in the comic, unleashing a twister or two is something of Mardon’s signature movie.

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10. Channel 52

In a spot of meta-commentary, a news broadcast is seen from Channel 52 – also the name of a back-up strip in DC’s New 52 comics that gives an overview of major events happening elsewhere in the line.

Presumably they cut back to Ambush Bug in the studio right after this broadcast from Keystone, the sister city to Barry Allen’s Central City and home to the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick.

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11. Science Showcase
Barry shelters from the rain under a copy of Science Showcase magazine, a nod to his own comic-book origin in 1956’s Showcase #4 – the comic that kickstarted the Silver Age.

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12. World’s Finest

While the cynical dark/optimistic light hero bromance between Oliver Queen and Barry Allen’s most obvious parallel is the odd-couple comedy of Superman and Batman, the whole scene actually feels like a direct riff on Nightwing #102, by writers Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty, and artist Scott McDaniel.

Dick Grayson, having broken with Batman and the name Robin, visits a hero he’s in awe of for advice – Superman. Supes gives him the name of Nightwing along with a pep talk, much like Oliver offering up ‘Flash’ as a name before leaving Barry in wide-eyed admiration.

With The Flash/Arrow showrunners having spoken of their enthusiasm for Nightwing before, there’s a strong possibility this is a direct nod to the character’s Year One story arc.

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