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The Flash Season 2: “Barry is maturing”

Grant Gustin on why Barry Allen is a new man in Season 2 of The Flash

When we last saw Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in the Season 1 finale of The Flash, he was racing into a swirling vortex created by the takedown of Eobard Thawne by his relative Eddie (Rick Cosnett) – at the cost of his own life. Fast-forward to the Season 2 premiere, and The Flash is being hailed as hero, although as Gustin says, he is still feeling guilt about what’s happened.

“As Season 1 was winding down, he was getting a lot of confidence,” says Gustin. “He was feeling like he knew what he was doing. He felt that he had that team behind him, and they all felt like they could take down these meta-humans. And they were doing some good. He was this hero that everyone says he was. But all of that has kind of been turned on its head a little bit in Season 2.

“The Flash is getting a lot of acclaim from the city for being a hero,” he continues, “and Barry is having a hard time dealing with that, just because, as we all know, Eddie stopped Wells. He was the hero that day, and Barry knows that. As a result, he’s having a hard time dealing with the attention and has kind of shunned everybody that he works with, because he doesn’t want anyone else to have to die.”

Ironically, just as Oliver Queen, his counterpart in Arrow, is looking at the bright side of life, Barry Allen is going to be carrying himself with a bit more gravitas. Gustin agrees, “Yes, he’s kind of going about things in a different way where we find him. It’s my feeling that a lot of Season 2 will see Barry maturing, trying to find his confidence again.”

The Flash is airing from 13 October on Sky 1. Check out the comics that inspired the series in the 100 All-Time Greatest Comics bookazine now.