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The Devil’s Advocate TV series is coming to NBC

NBC developing TV show of the Al Pacino/Keanu Reeves guilty pleasure The Devil’s Advocate

Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate
Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate

Fans of Al Pacino bellowing at Keanu Reeves will have to take note, as NBC is adapting The Devil’s Advocate into a TV series.

Deadline reports that writer Matt Venne (Bag Of Bones, Fright Night 2) has been given the job of adapting the 1997 movie about Southern lawyer Kevin Lomax (played by Reeves) who travels to New York to work for fearsome legal firm headed up by the charismatic John Milton (Pacino). Naturally, it’s not just a clever title as it turns out that Milton is in fact the Devil and wants Kevin to join him in his evil ways.

It will be interesting to see who is cast to fill the supremely shouty shoes of Pacino, who delivered lines like “HE’S AN ABSENTEE LANDLORD!!!” with the kind of intensity that is easier to imitate than emulate.

Still, the film is a wonderfully overripe delight, with a supporting cast including Charlize Theron and Delroy Lindo, and if this series can deliver even a fraction of the giddy purple silliness of the movie, we’ll be ready with our popcorn.

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