The Dark Tower movie lives again, and there’s a TV show too

Sony wants a movie AND a TV show based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series

Dark TowerTo be honest, we’d kind of got used to the fact that there was never going to be a Dark Tower movie. We’d accepted it. Now, it looks like we jumped the gun (slinger).

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures and MRC have joined forces to finance a movie adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved fantasy series, with a complementary TV series in development at the same time.

A film adaptation has been in the works for years, as plenty have taken a crack at adapting the first book in the series, The Gunslinger, as the first in a franchise. Interestingly, the site reports that Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner have completely rewritten the script that very nearly got made at Warners with Ron Howard at the helm.

Howard is no longer directing, but he’s on board as a producer, as is King, reportedly.

“I’m excited that The Dark Tower is finally going to appear on the screen,” said King. “Those who have traveled with Roland and his friends in their search for the Dark Tower are going to have their long-held hopes fully realised. This is a brilliant and creative approach to my books.”

Sony head Tom Rothman said ““There are few projects out there that compare with the scope, vision, complex characters and fully drawn world that Stephen King has created with The Dark Tower. I am a giant fan. And, as Stephen himself does, we love the direction that Akiva and Jeff have taken. This is a great opportunity for a director to put his or her stamp on a cool global franchise.”

Now, the question is who will direct and who will star? Javier Bardem was lined up for the role of Roland Deschain a while ago, and Russell Crowe was rumoured to be looking at it too. Who would you want to see play him? I mean, if we’re talking gunslingers, how about Deadwood and Justified‘s Timothy Olyphant?

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