The Dark Knight producer working on The Looking Glass Wars

A darker trek into Wonderland awaits us.

LgwcoverWriter/producer Frank Beddor has announced that his novel The Looking Glass Wars is being made into a movie. As reported by ComingSoon, Beddor claims that not only is the project going into production, but that he also has something of a super producer on board working on the adaptation.

“I am working with the producer of The Dark Knight, Chuck Roven,” says Beddor. “So we’re putting it together, and it’s pretty exciting to think about it as a movie. It’s a really visual world so we’ll see.”

Beddor’s The Looking Glass Wars is a re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. Taking a totally different approach to the classic tale, this contemporary novel is the first in a trilogy written by Beddor. Each instalment presents an alternative and more macabre view of Wonderland and its inhabitants. Think of the surreal PC-gaming adventure American McGee’s Alice, and you’ll be on the right track with where this adaptation could be headed.