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The Crow remake loses director Corin Hardy, keeps raining

The Crow reboot loses Corin Hardy like everyone thought it would

We’d say that The Crow remake’s path to production has been a rollercoaster, but it’s been more like a straight drop, and now another bad thing has happened.

The Wrap reports that director Corin Hardy has “parted ways” with the production after being attached to it for some time. This news is mostly a surprise for how long it’s taken. Back when Relativity went bankrupt in September, there was some concern from the production that Hardy would leave, but he apparently signed a deal to stay on in November. That deal said that production would start in March and…here we are.

It’s suggested in the article that there’s a bit of clean slate element to this, as Relativity has a new head in Dana Brunetti, and “Relativity thought it best to have him reboot the franchise as he sees fit.”

The film is apparently still very much a priority for Relativity, possibly because they have already spent a ton of money trying to bring it to the big screen, more than $7 million. It came very close to production under Hardy’s direction, with set preparations underway at Pinewood studios and Jack Huston set to star as Eric Draven, Jessica Findlay Brown as Shelly and Andrea Riseborough as Top Dollar. We were very much on board with that casting.

Producer Ed Pressman was a vocal supporter of The Hallow director, with his lawsuit stressing his concerns about losing Hardy and his fear that the movie would be a DTV remake rather than the big-budget cinematic offering he wanted. We’ll see how this latest reshuffle shakes out.

For his part, Hardy tweeted the following.

The Crow‘s path to the big screen has been so tortured that you’d think that something would have to go right at some point, but as it’s passed through writers, directors, stars…We’ll believe it when we’re actually sitting in the cinema watching it. For now, we’ll stick with the original.

Hey, maybe they’ll do that Nick Cave script?

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