The Conjuring 2’s creepy nun gets a spin-off for solo scaring

The Nun will follow Annabelle in spinning off from The Conjuring

James Wan’s The Conjuring 2 is enjoying a very healthy opening week at the box-office, and, much like the first movie’s Annabelle, one of the movie’s most memorable characters will be getting a spin-off.

THR reports that the damn creepy nun ghoul will be spinning off into its own movie: The Nun. The sequel’s writer David Leslie Johnson has been given the task of penning the movie, which Wan will produce.

It’s interesting, too, to hear that The Nun came to The Conjuring 2 at a very late stage. There are some possible spoilers below, so keep scrolling past the picture of a worried Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson if you’ve seen The Conjuring 2.


So, The Nun replaced a more traditional horned demon. THR reports that “The studio was ready to release that version but at the last minute, Wan was struck by a revelation. And so he came up with a new concept, a demon nun, which he pitched to New Line. And even though the late-in-the-game change could have spooked some studios, New Line exec gave him their blessing.”

That incredibly creepy painting that Patrick Wilson’s Ed Warren was working on has been digitally altered, but there were some heftier reshoots involving Vera Farmiga, specifically that sequence in the study where the spirit works its way towards the painting and we as audience members work our way towards a collective panic attack.

Although we weren’t the biggest fans of Annabelle, the movie was a huge financial success and there’s currently a sequel in production, which will be directed by Lights Out‘s David F Sandberg. This is obviously a formula that is working for Warner Bros, and we’re pretty sure that another sequel to The Conjuring will be announced sooner rather than later. Whether Wan returns as director or not will be another matter, given that little Aquaman movie he’s attached to.

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