The BSG Diaries: part 8

Season two nears its end, but has it been worth it?

Title - Battlestar GalacticaSeason two of Battlestar Galactica is officially, in my eyes anyway, much better than season one. Following my viewing escapades of last week, I have since watched five more episodes. Below I have scrawled down my thoughts.

Starting the week’s viewing was ‘Pegasus’, which forms the entryway to an explosive double bill – but more on that in a while. In this episode the Galactica meets up with the Battlestar Pegasus. Despite this ship being heftier and better equipped than Commander Adama’s aging craft, the crew – headed by the stone cold Admiral Helena Cain – aren’t as classy. I was immediately drawn into Commander’s predicament, where he is forced to take orders from Cain. I also had a chuckle at boozy XOs Colonel Tigh and Fisk having a drinking bender together. Along with Commander Adama’s misgivings at the brutality of Cain’s regime, Baltar also makes some stark discoveries about the Pegasus when he meets Number Six duplicate Gina. Chuck in the attempted rape of Boomer and this remains one of the series’ murkiest episodes to date.

‘Resurrection Ship: Part 1’ builds on all the great themes of ‘Pegasus’ and pits Commander Adama against Admiral Cain. This battle of wills is put on hold, however, when a vital Cylon ship is traced. This paves the way for a dual plot thread where the crews of both ships prepare for a titanic space battle, and the leaders of said crafts plot to assassinate each other. I found it genuinely shocking to see Commander Adama take this path of action, but due to the way Cain has been written you do support his decision. ‘Resurrection Ship: Part 2’ is as explosive as you’d expect a mid-season cliffhanger to be and I was left breathless at its climax. Cain may have been a little bit one-dimensional as a character, but boy was I pleased to see her go.

Next up was ‘Epiphanies’ and I’m afraid to say this was a disappointing endeavour. At the core of this episode is Laura Roslin, who is on her deathbed and nearing the end. The thing is – and this may be down to the fact I’m late watching this series and am aware that actress Mary McDonnell features in later seasons – but I never felt a sense of danger in this situation. Come Baltar’s contrived discovery – Cylon blood cures cancer, apparently – I was left feeling a little bit unimpressed. Battlestar Galactica is a programme that takes no easy ways out, so this neat little resolution felt forced and unbelievable. Still, I guess it was good to see Helo get cut a break and his unborn child left unharmed. ‘Black Market’ wasn’t much better and saw Apollo getting his kicks with a troubled prostitute. Soon enough, though, a dangerous black market ring becomes the problem and Apollo goes off on a mission to protect this lady of the night. ‘Black Market’ works on certain levels, and explores a side to the fleet that is undoubtedly interesting, but I found that events were wrapped up quite quickly and without consequence. I must say, though, I’m intrigued as to how ruthless a character Laura Roslin is to become in future episodes.

Season two is nearing its end, and so far it is on course to be the best yet. Tune in next week for more BSG-related musings.

To read my previous entry in this blog series, hit the link. Let us know your definitive thoughts on this show’s second season below. Do you subscribe to the theory that BSG loses it around season two’s halfway point?