The BSG Diaries: part 2

Season one’s opening episodes are given a grilling in SciFiNow’s ongoing Battlestar Galactica blog.

downloadHaving already put Battlestar Galactica’s epic miniseries behind me, I am soldiering on with my viewing marathon and have recently enjoyed a brace of season one episodes. Things are certainly looking promising.

Where I had a few issues with said miniseries – it was basically overlong in relation to the content/set-up it provided – season one’s opening episode, ‘33’, was definitely imbued by this extended event. I was immediately accustomed to the characters, their various tics and where they all stood in the BSG pecking order. Furthermore, I was also aware of Boomer’s big secret. But back to ‘33’. I loved the hook of this episode, where Adama and his team, in order to stay ahead of the Cylons, have to constantly coordinate FTL leaps every 33 minutes. I found this gave the episode a unique tempo and kept me gripped throughout. As various crewmembers made mistakes, due to a lack of sleep, I really sympathised and was dying to find out how Adama would find a way of giving the Cylons the slip. The payoff was also very satisfying without being too contrived.

Next up was ‘Water’ and like a recent Stargate Universe episode, this focused on the Battlestar crew scouring the galaxy for a water source. But what made this so special was the way in which Boomer’s dilemma was fully integrated into this narrative thread. Needless to say I’m very curious as to how this will pan out. Another neat touch in this episode is the subtle power play occurring between Adama and Laura – I sense romance.

Well, that’s two episodes in and I’m still thoroughly enjoying myself. Come back next week to hear further thoughts on Battlerstar’s opening season.

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