The bloody potential of Piranha 3D

Suggestions on how Alexandre Aja’s Piranha 3D should scare us out of going into the water.

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In the wake of Piranha 3D’s release reshuffle – the film has leapt from a 16 April 2010 release to 27 August 2010 – the web is whirring with production problem rumours. One of the common thoughts is that the film’s 3D isn’t up to scratch. While this hasn’t been confirmed, I can’t help but worry that if this does emerge to be true, and the film isn’t presented in 3D, we are going to miss out on a great opportunity for the format. This movie is, after all, about a shoal of prehistoric fish feasting on humans. And it has splatter-happy Alexandre Aja at the helm. This is the recipe for what will surely be a riotous 3D movie, with plenty of opportunities to exploit the format to any gory means necessary. We hope.

Below is a quick rundown of the moments Piranha 3D should showcase in the third dimension.


The simplicity of a bunch of hungry piranha heading towards an audience is enough to get people squirming in their seats. Get one leaping out of the water – a la Piranha II: The Spawning – and we could be onto a winner.

Nautical pursuits

Let’s face it, one of the film’s characters is going to jump aboard a boat and go after some fishy foes. The film needs to capitalise on this corny scene with some fast-paced action, complete with spray splashing out from the screen.


Early set photos from Aja’s movie already hint that this is going to be a bloodthirsty affair, so with that in mind the gore lovers out there aren’t going to be satisfied until they see some poor swimmer torn to shreds in 3D.

These are but a few of moments that could make Piranha 3D something special. Sure, the film isn’t going to surpass Avatar levels of 3D excellence (the story might, though), but granted it is given the right treatment this could be the movie to make people scared of going into the water… again.