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The 9th Life Of Louis Drax Alex Aja casts Breaking Bad star

Alexandre Aja’s next supernatural horror casts your favourite guilt-ridden meth dealer

Alexandre Aja directing Daniel Radcliffe in Horns
Alexandre Aja directing Daniel Radcliffe in Horns

Alexandre Aja’s latest supernatural horror, The 9th Life Of Louis Drax, has added a very impressive name to its cast.

Deadline reports that Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul has joined 50 Shades Of Grey‘s Jamie Dornan in the adaptation of Liz Jensen’s bestseller.

Dornan will star “as Dr. Allan Pascal, the doctor investigating the strange circumstances of the boy’s accident who is drawn into a thrilling mystery, testing the boundaries of fantasy and reality,” while Paul will star as Louis’ father “who becomes the target of a criminal investigation when his young son is injured in an accident.”

It’s great to see Aja moving so quickly from Horns onto another very exciting project, and the first two bits of casting have certainly grabbed our attention. If you’re not a 50 Shades person, Dornan was superb in the BBC series The Fall, and Paul’s work on Breaking Bad was, of course, superb.

The summary of the book is as follows: “Nine-year-old Louis Drax is a problem child: bright, precocious, deceitful, and dangerously, disturbingly, accident prone. When he falls off a cliff into a ravine, the accident seems almost predestined. Louis miraculously survives – but the family has been shattered. Louis’ father has vanished, his mother is paralysed by shock, and Louis lies in a deep coma from which he may never emerge. In a clinic in Provence, Dr Pascal Dannachet tries to coax Louis back to consciousness. But the boy defies medical logic, startling Dannachet out of his safe preconceptions, and drawing him inexorably into the dark heart of Louis’ buried world. Only Louis holds the key to the mystery surrounding his fall – and he can’t communicate. Or can he?”

Horns is released in UK cinemas 29 October. You can buy The Ninth Life Of Louis Drax in paperback for £6.39 at Amazon.co.uk.