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The 100 Season 2 UK air date confirmed

Clarke, Bellamy and co. see in the new year with the UK premiere of The 100 Season 2

The 100 air date
The Delinquents are back for 2015 in all new episodes

The Season 1 finale of The 100 left us biting our fingernails and shouting “WHAT THE HELL?” through the autumn, but the agony is almost over as E4 have confirmed an air date for Season 2.

The first episode – eerily titled “The 48” – is due to air at 9pm on Tuesday 6 January and picks up where Season 1 left off, with Clarke waking up in a Mouth Weather quarantine facility with no idea how she got there.

Season 2 will run for 16 episodes, questions will (hopefully) be answered and blood will (most likely) be spilled.

the 100 air date

The 100 will air at 9pm on 6 January on E4. You can buy The 100 Season 1 on DVD for £22.60 from Amazon.co.uk. Get the latest genre news in every new issue of SciFiNow.