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Texas Chain Saw Massacre prequel Leatherface finally gets a release date

Looks like Maury & Bustillo’s Leatherface will be here for Halloween

We’ve been waiting a long time for Texas Chain Saw Massacre prequel Leatherface, mainly because it’s directed by the most excellent Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (Inside, Livide, Among The Living), but things have been so quiet that we were beginning to wonder whether it would ever be released.

However, producer Christa Campbell took to Twitter to confirm that we will get to see Leatherface this year (in the US, at least).

The film stars Stephen Dorff, Lili Taylor, Nicole Andrews, Sam Strike, Julian Kostov, and Sam Coleman and offers us a look at a young Leatherface, before all the chainsaws, meat hooks and wearing people’s faces on top of his own face (although we’re assuming all of these things will make an appearance over the course of the film).

“A prequel about teenage Leatherface who escapes from a mental hospital with three other inmates kidnaps a young nurse and takes her on a road trip from hell. Along the way, they are pursued by an equally deranged lawman out for revenge, one of these teens is destined for tragedy and horrors that will destroy his mind, molding him into the monster we now call Leatherface.”

Campbell and her producing partner Lati Grobman also worked on 2013’s risible Texas Chainsaw, which seemed to be confused about where it sat in the timeline, although that was probably the least of its problems. With excellent directors like Maury and Bustillo at the helm and with one bad effort firmly out of the way, we’re hoping that this latest take on the temperamental human-skin loving cannibal is worth the wait. It’s worth noting that an October release will put him up against Jigsaw, who’ll be back in Saw: Legacy.

Leatherface will be released in October. Keep up with the latest horror news with the new issue of SciFiNow.