Terrifier exclusive clip is being stalked by an incredibly creepy clown

Don’t talk to creepy murder clowns in this exclusive clip from indie horror Terrifier

We’re all scared of creepy clowns (well, most of us, anyway), and Damien Leone’s upcoming gory horror Terrifier is coming for your nightmares with its not-very-jolly murderous villain Art The Clown. Here’s an exclusive clip…

Terrifier is the story of the maniacal Art the Clown, who terrorizes three young women on Halloween, butchering everyone who stands in his way. In grand Halloween tradition, we see the night he came home in all its gory glory, in a place where nobody floats and everyone dies. Art really is the clown who will haunt your nightmares.”

Terrifier is available on digital download from 30 March and on DVD from 9 April from Signature Entertainment. Keep up with the latest horror news with the new issue of SciFiNow.