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Terra Nova Season 2 won’t happen as Fox cancels show

Terra Nova has been cancelled, but Season 2 may get picked up by another network – could this be good news for a Season 5 of Fringe?

Cheap-on-the-dinosaurs sci-fi drama Terra Nova has been canned by Fox after just one season, the network announced today. While it’s highly likely that this is the end for the divisive show, the studio behind the production, 20th Century Fox Television, will reportedly see if another network is interested in taking that second year, according to The Hollywood Reporter – Terra Nova has actually been a smash hit internationally, including the UK, where it regularly logged just under a million viewers on Sky1.

What do you think? Did Terra Nova deserve such a doomed ending?

Speculation is rife that this will help Fringe in securing a fifth season of around 13 episodes, thus pushing it over 100 – but there’s another Fox drama that could also benefit. Alcatraz is posting Terra Nova-sized ratings, right now, and that may help it secure a second year.

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