Terra Nova Season 2: Jason O’Mara wants more dinosaurs

Terra Nova Season 2: Jason O’Mara wants more dinosaurs, more action, and more episodes set in the future, but “we have to get picked up first”

Terra Nova Season 2 Jason O'Mara

Terra Nova Season 2 Jason O'MaraWe may still be waiting to find out if Terra Nova cheats extinction and returns for a second season of prehistoric drama, but star Jason O’Mara already has a wishlist of things he thinks will improve the struggling show.

“When we use dinosaurs, I really hope they’re completely kick-ass dinosaurs — no half-hearted dinosaurs,” O’Mara, who plays family head and time travelling everyman Jim Shannon, told TVLine. “Maybe it’s better to have a totally awesome dinosaur in [just] one episode, rather than seeing a dinosaur every episode that isn’t quite there.”

O’Mara wants more of the story to be set in the “awesome” 2149, more mythology, and the introduction of “a really bad, bad, bad guy – we need to find out who the baddest dude is and bring him into our story.”

However, “we need to get picked up first!” he added. “really soon they’ll have all the information they need to make their decision.”

What would you like to see from Terra Nova Season 2?

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