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Terra Nova Season 2 dropped by Netflix

Terra Nova Season 2 is no more, cancelled by Fox and declined by Netflix. Would you have settled for a lower budget?

Terra Nova Season 2

Terra Nova Season 2
Terra Nova’s chance to see Season 2 was resting on Netflix

Cancelled earlier this month by Fox, Terra Nova‘s one chance for Season 2 was in the hands of digital distributor Netflix, but the streaming service passed on the Steven Spielberg-produced dinosaur drama after two weeks of negotiations.

Part of the decision is believed to be cost – with each episode of the first season coming to $4 million per episode, which represents a standard that  – and the difficultly Netflix will have in selling it on for international broadcast.

Unless someone else steps in at the last minute, it looks like hopes for Terra Nova Season 2 have been shattered.

Would you have preferred to see a lower budget Terra Nova to no Terra Nova at all, or were Netflix right to turn it down? Leave a comment and let us know.

Terra Nova: The Complete Series is available on DVD from 24 September 2012, priced £18. Pre-order it now from Amazon.co.uk.