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Terra Nova Season 2 had “a lot more story to tell”

Star Jason O’Mara laments Terra Nova’s passing.


Jason O’Mara in Terra Nova

Speaking to Collider, Terra Nova star Jason O’Mara lashed out at Fox’s decision to cancel the Spielberg-produced time travel drama, saying, “We were just finding our feet. I think we proved that by the season finale.

“There was a lot more story to tell and I think there was an audience to watch it,” O’Mara continued. “Certainly internationally, the show went down extremely well with huge numbers. Domestically, it didn’t quite get there.”

Criticised for its lack of dinosaurs and over-reliance on kid-related peril, O’Mara asserts that the show was beginning to reach its stride and just needed a bit more time.

“Creatively, we probably could have made some slightly better decisions halfway through,”said the actor. “But that’s par for the course with such an ambitious series.

“We needed more than 13 episodes, I think. Honestly, we were on the bubble, and we were a show that they should have just gone with their gut on and taken another shot with for another season.”

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