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Terminator reboot’s Kyle Reese casting confirmed

Divergent star Jai Courtney cast as Kyle Reese in Terminator: Genesis

Jai Courtney as Eric in Divergent
Jai Courtney as Eric with Theo James’ Pris in Divergent

According to Variety, the Terminator reboot – which may or may not be called Terminator: Genesis – has cast Jai Courtney as time-travelling father of the resistance Kyle Reese.

Courtney was picked for the role by Paramount and Skydance after a series of screen tests where he beat a handful of other actors for the spot.

Best known for Spartacus: Blood A Sand, Courtney has carved out a niche as a total bad-ass with roles in A Good Day To Die Hard and Jack Reacher, but SciFiNow readers will soon known him as Pris’s rival/nemesis  in Divergent, where he plays Dauntless leader Eric.

Divergent is in cinemas from 4 April 2014. You can buy Divergent Book One for £5.75 at Amazon.co.uk.