Terminator: Genisys sequel is a problem for Paramount

Disappointing box-office for Terminator: Genisys means that a sequel is no longer guaranteed


This article contains major Terminator: Genisys spoilers

It’s fair to say that the general reaction to Terminator: Genisys was…not kind. The fifth film in the franchise was supposed to breathe new life into it and set off a new trilogy. Paramount was so confident that it set release dates for the next two movies.

But the box-office figures aren’t great, which means that the studio is having some tough conversations about whether to move ahead. THR reports that the film cost $155 million to make and “tens of millions” more to advertise, and made $80.6 million in the US. The overseas numbers will be crucial for any sequel discussion, but it’s currently only standing at a little under $200 million.

The report describes the film as a “bubble” film, which isn’t a howling flop but doesn’t quite justify going ahead with a sequel. They place it alongside films like Snow White And The Huntsman, Pacific Rim, Jack Reacher and Godzilla, which have sequels filming or in active development, and Prometheus, which is still waiting on a go-ahead.

They quote a unnamed Paramount source as saying “We will definitely need to see the holds globally to confirm that people like the film.” It also suggests that a sequel would need to bring in a bigger name to help guarantee bigger numbers.

There’s also the question of the terrible reviews. “There is no question that the market was affected by reviews, which nicked early word of mouth,” said Paramount vice chair Rob Moore.

Critics were certainly down on Terminator: Genisys (we were, for sure), but it didn’t seem like many people enjoyed the overly convoluted plot, which spent so much time trying not to trip over itself that it kept forgetting to have fun. The writers left room for a sequel with Matt Smith as the embodiment of Skynet from an alternate timeline, but do we really want it?

What do you think? Are you willing to give the Terminator franchise another go on this timeline? Or should we wait another five years for the next inevitable reboot?

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