Terminator 5 is a Terminator reboot, starts new trilogy

Arnold Schwarzenegger will play title character in Terminator reboot trilogy

Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe recently announced Terminator 5 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger will in fact be a Terminator reboot.

A press release issued by Paramount described the film as a reboot which would kickstart a new standalone trilogy, which clarifies those prequel rumours we’d been hearing, but we still don’t know when exactly the film will be set. Schwarzenegger’s involvement has been confirmed, and he will play “the title character” according to Bloody Disgusting, but there’s no word on those Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson casting rumours.

Terminator 5 is currently looking for a director and is set to start shooting early next year. You can buy The Terminator Quadrilogy on DVD for £11.04 at Amazon.co.uk.