Teen Wolf Season 4 spoilers: Who is the Benefactor?

Who’s responsible for taking out all of Beacon Hills’ supernaturals in Teen Wolf Season 4

The question on every Teen Wolf viewer’s lips is Who is the Benefactor? There may well be spoilers ahead.

In an interview at SDCC last week, Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) gave away that he guessed who the Benefactor was during the filming for Episode 4, so we’ve come up with some odds of who it could be.

Teen Wolf - Kate Argent

Kate Argent: 12/1
She’s done something to Derek, and he’s losing all his were-powers. She’s the one asking the questions to the other assassins, but that doesn’t mean it can’t all be a rouse. 


Peter Hale: 10/1
It was his $117m that got stolen in episode 2 and he has since done very little to get it back. This week he admitted to wanting the power, and what better to give him power than be the man behind the Benefactor? What better cover than to put your name on the list.

After all, he did manage to survive the Mute’s attack.


Deucalion: 8/1
He seemed to just walk away at the end of series 3. Could it be that he’ll come back with a bang and want to have the entirety of Scott and his pack (and everybody else) dead because Scott refused to join him?

Teen Wolf - Araya Calavera

Araya Calavera: 4/1
She captured Derek and Peter in season 3, she was after Derek again in season 4, she’s threatened to kill Scott and Lydia and nearly had Kira do it for her. Her family have been mentioned continually throughout the seasons, they are relentless killers, unlike the latest generation of Argents, it’s highly plausible they would do good on somebody else’s money to pay for the demise of the rest of Beacon Hills.


Braeden: 3/1
She’s got something going on with Derek, automatically, if the odds from previous seasons is to be believed, that makes her the bad guy, right? Kate Argent was in the first series and the first half of the third season saw his love interest Jennifer Blake become the big evil. In our eyes, she’s going to be guilty of something! She’s also a hired killer, so maybe she’s decided to branch out and hire someone else to do the killing instead.


Gerard Argent: 2/1
He became the big evil in season 2, and he didn’t die as we learnt in season 3. He’s still out there somewhere and nobody can keep an angry Argent down. We wouldn’t be surprised if his big return saw him trying to take out the supernaturals in a town that destroyed a lot of his family.

Who do you think it is? #WhoIsTheBenefactor?

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV in the US. Check out the mid-season trailer from SDCC.