Teen Wolf Season 3 is “more mature and grown up”

Crystal Reed and Daniel Sharman talk Teen Wolf Season 3, love triangles and Roald Dahl

Crystal Reed as Allison Argent in Teen Wolf
Crystal Reed as Allison Argent in Teen Wolf

MTV’s cult favourite Teen Wolf has come of age, entering Season 3 with all those lazy Twilight comparisons left behind. Stars Crystal Reed, who plays werewolf hunter and girlfriend to Tyler Posey’s titular teen wolf, and Daniel Sharman, who plays tortured young wolf Isaac Lahey, spoke exclusively to SciFiNow about how the show grew up, and their love of Roald Dahl…

Could you introduce your characters for those that haven’t seen Teen Wolf before?

Crystal: I play Alison Argent who is a werewolf hunter and the main love interest of multiple people, Hahaha.
Dan: I wish I had multiple love interests. I play Issac Lahey who is a teen wolf funnily enough, a newly introduced wolf to a pack of wolves. He’s part of two packs I guess. He’s Scott’s friend and Derek’s friend/delinquent.

Two packs? How did that happen, was it a forbidden love type thing?

Dan: I didn’t have any love interest, I was a delinquent, newly given the powers. And use them for for bad, but then learn to use them for a good. I’m a baddy/goody really.

Werewolf hunter sounds a bit Van Helsingy. What’s Alison’s history?

Crystal: Yeah, Alison’s last name is Argent which means silver. She’s from a French family that’s been hunting werewolves, so it’s ingrained in her. Her dad does it, her aunt does it, her grandma does it, everyone does it. She doesn’t figure out about her lineage until some way through Season 1 though.

Obviously by that time she was friends with a werewolf so that must have made things awkward for her.

Crystal: Yeah, she’s heavily in love with a werewolf so, it’s a bit awkward.

Being genre Teen Wolf uses these outlandish events as a metaphor for genuine problems obviously.

Crystal: Oh yeah, definitely . I think one of Jeff [Davis, creator]’s visions was the Romeo And Juliet thing earlier on in the series, but it’s moved on from that. Series 3 is much more mature, the characters have grown up. There are more serious issues at hand.

I hear there’s a bigger body count in the new series, is Alison responsible for much of that?

Crystal: I can’t tell you that!

Daniel as Isaac Lahey in Teen Wolf
Daniel Sharman as Isaac Lahey in Teen Wolf

What about your character, Dan?

Dan: I can’t tell you either! I’m always responsible for some kind of calamity though, so I’m sure somewhere down the line I’ll get someone killed.

You’re obviously partisan but are you werewolf or vampire people?

Dan: People have always said I look like a vampire unfortunately, I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing?
Crystal: I’d take that as a compliment they’re usually pretty handsome!

Some are, although obviously you get the odd gnarly one like Max Shreck in Nosferatu, so take it with a pinch of salt maybe!

Dan: I don’t know, obviously looking like I’m half dead isn’t something you usually take as a compliment.

There’s a lot to be said about being a vampire though, it’s a romantic lifestyle. You get to stay up and party all night, you have cool foreign accents…

Dan: Yeah, I think I’m more a vampire than a werewolf. I’m an insomniac I never sleep. I feel half dead to be honest.
Crystal: You know to be awkward as hell, I’d say in the whole supernatural spectrum I’m more of a witch!

I believe the politically correct term nowadays is Wiccan.

Crystal: Yeah, covens and other things like that. I grew up with all this stuff. I would be a witch. I played witches. My mom had this beautiful flower pot and I’d use it to make spells with twigs and dirt. I used to love the movie and book The Witches too!

Oh the one based on the Roald Dahl book? That was a creepy film wasn’t it?

Crystal: Man, that movie! Who played the main witch… Anjelica Huston! She was terrifying.
Dan: There’s something psychologically horrifying about it. Same with The BFG too!
Crystal: What’s that?
Dan: Oh it’s another Roald Dahl thing, it stands for the Big Friendly Giant. Or the Big Fucking Gun if you played Doom. It’s weird as hell, really twisted. Giants that eat children, dream catchers, all kinds of weird stuff. Roald Dahl was really grim.

Teen Wolf Season 3 is airing now on MTV in the US. Teen Wolf Season 2 is out now from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, pick it up DVD for £15.97 from Amazon.co.uk.