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Tales From The Crypt revival coming from M Night Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan and TNT team up for Tales From The Crypt

Classic anthology horror series Tales From The Crypt is getting a revival courtesy of TNT and filmmaker M Night Shyamalan.

Variety reports that the Sixth Sense and Wayward Pines director has been tapped by the network to bring the Cryptkeeper and his tales of terror to a new “horror block” for TNT, “a new two-hour block of terror and suspense-themed programming.”

“To be part of such a beloved brand like Tales from the Crypt, something I grew up watching, and to also have the chance to push the boundaries of genre television as a whole, is an inspiring opportunity that I can’t wait to dive into,” Shyamalan said.

“It is an umbrella for what hopefully will be many shows,” said TNT president Kevin Reilly. “We’re going to put a variety of different genre shows, some of which may have a weird sense of humor, some of which may be actually downright frightening, some of which may be a unique blend of genres, but all united under the Tales From the Crypt brand. Night is definitely going to direct, most likely the first one, and we’ll see how that evolves.”

The episodes will be an hour long, and while a Crypt Keeper has not yet been cast, the network reportedly has someone in mind.

Based on the classic bone-chilling EC comics, the original show aired on HBO from 1989 to 1996 and was notable for not having to adhere to traditional network standards for violence, gore and sexuality. We’re curious to see how Shyamalan and co will make it stand out from the crowd now, but we do feel the lack of a really good hour-long anthology horror show…

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