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Take a look at James Corden’s Doctor Who video diary

Craig the flatmate returns this Saturday

Obviously James Corden can’t sit still and just be interviewed for Doctor Who Confidential like your average guest star.

Gallifrey no, when he comes on the show he only goes and films his own video diary, which you can get a sneaky first look at below and the rest on Doctor Who Confidential, which airs on Saturday 24 September on BBC3 at 8pm, directly after the episode.

Of course James isn’t the 0nly old friend making his return this Saturday in the penultimate episode of Season Six, ‘Closing Time’, the Cybermen are also back – and not only that but it looks like the original ones with Cybermats and all, not your parallel universe usurpers dragging the brand into the mud.

Enough tedious fangurgling, onto the clip: