Take a first look at the Alphas season finale

And share your thoughts on the series so far

Syfy’s new superhero show is going great guns and already the season finale is upon us. Like all good superheroes, our Alphas have a nemesis in the terrorist organisation Red Flag and true to type, they go head to head in this season-closing grudge-match.

Season Two kicks off next summer, but with mediocre reviews and already slipping ratings, are Alphas days already numbered?

We asked you lot what you thought, and you obliged. Aren’t you lovely?

“A good show but just does not seem to really click. It seems that it’s maturing and another season would help. Not much else around.” @BFDanimation

“It’s not bad, a couple of not-so-good episodes, but pretty good in general.” @MGaceman.

Alphas has gotten better with every show! The cast is a great unit.” @cherry_LA

“I love Alphas! The duo Gary/Bill is the best and I already walk around quoting the show, such as; ‘I have bruises in my hair’.” @geekbydefault

The Alphas Season One finale is showing Monday 10/9c on Syfy, and hopefully sometime soon in the UK… assuming someone actually picks up the series, that is. Check out the preview below: