Swamp Thing and Animal Man return in DC reboot, and John Constantine joins the Justice League

DC Vertigo stalwarts return to the DCU

Somewhat unexpectedly three characters best known for their adventures outside of the mainstream DC Universe will be returning to the fold in September.

Controversially, Swamp Thing’s status as a plant elemental with the memories of dead scientist Alec Holland were retconned to his simpler origin as Alex Holland in a recent Flashpoint tie-in, so that could remain the case under the new creative team led by Detective Comics writer Scott Synder.

Another controversial move will tether John Constantine back to the DC Universe as a member of the magic-themed Justice League Dark with Madam Xanadu, Shade, the Changing Man and Deadman, which is in the incredibly capable hands of Peter Milligan who reintroduced Shade the Changing Man as a Vertigo title, and transformed Marvel’s X-Force into the reality TV team X-Statix.

Unambiguously though exciting is the news that Jeff Lemire, who specialises in offbeat rural fantasy with Sweet Tooth, Essex County and Superboy under his belt, will be taking on Animal Man (cover art left), best known for his Grant Morrison-helmed Vertigo run.