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Supernatural’s Mark Sheppard on Good Omens: The Movie

Mark Sheppard on the links between Neil Gaiman, Good Omens and Supernatural. Season 8 airs from 3 October 2012 on The CW.

Supernatural Mark Sheppard Crowley

Supernatural Mark Sheppard Crowley
Mark Sheppard as Crowley in Supernatural

Speaking at Rogue Events‘ Asylum 8 Supernatural convention, star Mark Sheppard rebuffed claims that his character in the long-running monster hunting hit, Crowley, was in any way based on the the demon in Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens.

“Not necessarily,” asserted Sheppard. “Might be a homage to Aleister Crowley. I bumped into Neil Gaiman in San Francisco, we were gonna go do Wondercon… he’s very aware that [creator Eric] Kripke is a big Neil Gaiman fan. So I think there’s some nod towards it there, and do you know how many copies of Good Omens I’ve been given in the last three years?!

The names are the same, but it’s always a nod to Aleister Crowley. Everything has always been a nod to Aleister Crowley.”

Addressing the rumours that the actor has been approached by Neil Gaiman to play Crowley – the Good Omens version, lest we get confused – in the long-mooted adaptation of the book, Sheppard had more bad news.

“No he hasn’t!” exclaimed the actor. “What happens is I go to a place like this, and then I say something like I had a conversation with Neil Gaiman, and he goes, ‘You should play Crowley’, becomes ‘Neil Gaiman Has Asked Mark Sheppard to Play Crowley!’.

“You guys Tweet before you know what’s going on, it’s terrible! He hasn’t asked me to do it, he’s not the director, he’s not the producer.”

Supernatural Season 8 airs from 3 October 2012 on The CW. Season 7 is out DVD from 5 November 2012, preorder it now from Amazon.co.uk for £28 or on Blu-ray for £36.