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Supernatural’s best guest stars

Our pick of the 20 finest interlopers on the show.

It’s been a bumper few weeks of news for Supernatural. First was the official confirmation that the show would receive a sixth season, series lead Jared Padalecki married his former co-star Genevieve Cortese, and now there is a new casting in the form of Max Headroom and Eureka star Matt Frewer, who will be playing the Horseman known as Pestilence.

Supernatural is a show that thrives on the performances of its guest stars, which have generally been of a particularly high calibre over the five years it’s been on the air. Below, we’ve listed some of our favourites; feel free to add your own in the comments.

Needless to say, spoilers abound.

johnwinchesterJeffrey Dean Morgan

Character: John Winchester
Episode: Pilot, Home, Scarecrow, Shadow, Something Wicked, Dead Man’s Blood, Salvation, Devil’s Trap, In My Time Of Dying, All Hell Breaks Loose
Season: One, Two

A perennial favourite with the fans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan hasn’t been seen since the second season, owing to his new super stardom, but there’s always a possibility he’ll return in the final episodes.

Andrea_BarrAmy Acker

Character: Andrea
Episode: Dead In The Water
Season: One

Amy Acker took a brief moment out from Joss Whedon productions to give a memorable performance in one of the best-shot episodes of the series as a whole.

KathleenHudakJessica Steen

Character: Kathleen Hudak
Episode: The Benders
Season: One

Even though the episode wasn’t one of Supernatural’s best, Steen had a solid role in this one, with a heart-breaking final line in the closing moments.

lindsey-mckeon-nel-ruolo-dell-angelo-della-morte-mentre-e-posseduta-dal-demone-nell-episodio-in-my-time-of-dying-57772Lindsey McKeon

Character: Tessa
Episode: In My Time Of Dying, Death Takes A Holiday
Season: One, Four

The character of Tessa was an interesting one, given a welcome repeat performance from McKeon in the fourth season spectacular.

JogunAlona Tal

Character: Jo Harvelle
Episode: Everybody Loves A Clown, Simon Said, No Exit, Born Under A Bad Sign, Good God Y’All, Abandon All Hope
Season: Two, Five

Although Tal’s portrayal of Jo started out a bit shaky, she became a decent character towards the end, particularly with her tearful goodbye to Dean.

GordonSterling K Brown

Character: Gordon Walker
Episode: Bloodlust, Hunted, Bad Day At Black Rock, Fresh Blood
Season: Two, Three

Gordon was always one of our favourite characters, and his descent into (further) madness was pulled off with aplomb by Brown.

296617_1252423170856_fullKatharine Isabelle

Character: Ava Wilson
Episode: Hunted, All Hell Breaks Loose Part One
Season: Two

An interesting twist in the character turned one of the series’ mysteries into a moment of dramatic brilliance turned in by Isabelle.

10-a-trickster-in-the-rainRichard Speight Jr

Character: Trickster/Gabriel
Episode: Tall Tales, Mystery Spot, Changing Channels
Season: Two, Three, Five

We can only hope that we see more from Speight in the last episodes of the fifth season, as every episode he’s been in has been fantastic.


Character: Molly McNamara
Episode: Roadkill
Season: Two

Tricia Helfer is already established as being a decent actress, highlighted by her unexpected and emotionally resonant performance in ‘Roadkill’.

SUPERNATURALEmmanuelle Vaugier

Character: Madison
Episode: Heart
Season: Two

One of our favourite episodes of the series owes a lot of its gravitas to the mature role played by Vaugier, exceptionally well done.

100431082_561d8aef-ca4c-4d3f-9222-46f067e8853e-belaLauren Cohan

Character: Bela Talbot/Abby
Episode: Bad Day At Black Rock, Red Sky At Morning, Fresh Blood, Dream A Little Dream Of Me, Jus In Bello, Time Is One My Side
Season: Three

Many hated Bela, but we actually quite liked the idea of the brothers being trumped now and again. The sad story of her character and the ambiguous end only added to it.


Character: Rufus Turner
Episode: Time Is On My Side, When The Levee Breaks, Good God Y’All
Season: Three, Four, Five

We thought Rufus was just going to be an exceptionally cool bit character in season three, but we’re glad to see Williams made a few returns to the show again.

spn-pamelaTraci Dinwiddie

Character: Pamela Barnes
Episode: Lazarus Rising, Heaven And Hell, Death Takes A Holiday
Season: Four

Dinwiddie was always going to return to the show, thanks to her strong debut as Pamela. We didn’t see her touching and poignant end coming, though.

lindsey-mckeon-e-christopher-heyerdahl-nell-episodio-death-takes-a-holiday-di-supernatural-107161Christopher Heyerdahl

Character: Alastair
Episode: Death Takes A Holiday, On The Head Of A Pin, When The Levee Breaks
Season: Four

Taking on the mannerisms and accent of his predecessor was a nice touch from Heyerdahl, who put in a great part as the deliciously evil Alastair.

beginning(1)Matthew Cohen

Character: John Winchester/Michael
Episode: In The Beginning, The Song Remains The Same
Season: Four, Five

Convincingly similar in appearance to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, we particularly enjoyed Cohen’s dual role as John and Michael.

zachariahKurt Fuller

Character: Zachariah
Episode: It’s A Terrible Life, The Monster At The End Of This Book, Lucifer Rising, Sympathy For The Devil, The End
Season: Four, Five

It’s hard to come off alternately friendly and vicious, but Fuller manages it with consummate skill in every episode he’s in. Always a pleasure to watch, we’re sure he’ll be back.


Character: Nick/Lucifer
Episode: Lucifer Rising, Free To Be You And Me, The End, Abandon All Hope
Season: Five

How Lucifer would be played was always a big question mark at the beginning of season five, but thankfully, the wonderful Mark Pellegrino hasn’t disappointed us yet.

hal-ozsan_298x425Hal Oszan

Character: Patrick
Episode: The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester
Season: Five

Ignore the forced accent, we really quite liked Patrick in the slightly hit-and-miss episode. For a one-shot appearance, it was pretty good.

supernatural209Rachel Miner

Character: Meg
Episode: Lazarus Rising, Abandon All Hope
Season: Five

Meg’s new incarnation seemed much more sinister than the previous actress, although we suspect her extra-crispy new makeover might prevent her from returning.

normal_SN510-022Mark Sheppard

Character: Crowley
Episode: Abandon All Hope
Season: Five

This veteran of science fiction is invariably spectacular in his roles, and we’re hoping against hope that Crowley will be back in later instalments.