Supernatural: The check list

Supernatural’s main story is done, we check through our previous questions. Needless to say, spoilers.


I’m left with a distinct feeling of ennui after this finale, but only because of the last minute of it. My full recap and analysis will be posted next week, for now, here are the answers to the questions we posed yesterday.

1.) Are we ever actually going to meet God?

We have. It’s Chuck.


2.) What happened to the Antichrist?


3.) Will Crowley give Bobby his soul back?

That never came up, bizarrely. Season six renewal, anyone?

4.) Will Bobby still be able to walk if he does?

Apparently so.

5.) What’s going to happen to Adam?

He’s locked in Hell with Lucifer.

6.) Will Raphael ever escape from the holy fire?


7.) Will Castiel become an angel again?

Yes, and an archangel, by implication.

8.) Does Meg still have a part to play?

Apparently not.

9.) Did any of the Croatoan virus get out before Sam and Bobby destroyed the plant?


10.) Will Death play more of a part in Lucifer’s imprisonment?


11.) Will the sixth season be a retrospective one?

Unknown. But it’s unlikely, given the ending.

12.) Will Dean say yes to Michael, in order to force Sam/Lucifer into Hell?

No, Michael possessed Adam.

13.) Is Kansas’ ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ going to feature in the finale?

As is tradition, it did.

14.) Are there going to be more seals to replace the ones that can’t be reset?

Unknown, but we’d assume so.

15.) Are there going to be new Horsemen?

Unknown, but Dean has the rings.

16.) Is Death’s reveal to Dean part of an elaborate trap?

No, apparently not.

17.) Will there ever be another scene as awesome as Dean/Death’s Tarantino-flavoured exchange in the pizzeria (see below)?

The climactic graveyard scene came pretty close.

18.) Will Jeffrey Dean Morgan put in an appearance?

No, Morgan didn’t appear at all.

19.) Will the series end on a cliffhanger?

Yes. A ridiculous one.

20.) Which character is going to die?

Bobby, Castiel and Sam. But then they were all brought back to life, in a manner of speaking.